Basically a bighorn style tire on steroids. Mud Rebel RT. Shop our complete selection of parts and accessories including the Sedona Front Rip-Saw R/T 26x9R-12 Tire - RS269R12. GBC Dirt Commanders. Maxxis Liberty Radial Tire 32x10-14 for Polaris RANGER RZR XP Turbo EPS 2016-2018. A deep tread pattern cleans out well in mud and offers great traction and long lasting wear in all types of extreme terrain. Our local shop, Rider’s Choice, quoted us at $89.95 for fronts (25x8x12), $98.95 for rears (25x10x12), and $80 each for the … Sedona Rock-A-Billy Front Tire $120.83 . Sedona’s suggested price ranges from $96.94 for their 25×8-12 tires to $131.57 for the largest 26×11-14 treads. $100.00. MAXXIS BIGHORN 3.0S’inspirant du légendaire Big Horn et Big Horn 2.0, le modèle Maxxis Big Horn 3.0 possède une construction radiale à 6 nappes offrant maniabilité et durabilité. $75.00. 2016 RZR 570 EPS Trail with EBS and turf mode Sunset red Quadboss roof F+R windshields ... Full set of Maxxis Roxxzilla 396 Radial (8ply) ATV Tires 32x10-14 (4) 5.0 out of 5 stars 8. The option is also there to get bias ply in these tires. *28x10-14 and 30x10-14 tires are 8 ply rated. Il a un incroyable mordant et une grande surface de contact pour procurer une conduite en douceur. $115.00. Don't know what the deal is and why they are so CHEAP! $798.00 $ 798. The Rip-Saw RT is an extreme terrain aggressive radial. $162.74 $ 162. I couldnt find *any* pictures of this tire mounted on a tractor anywhere, so I figured Id post them up for others to reference. Sedona really hit a home run with this super popular tire. Based on the legendary Bighorn and Bighorn 2.0. They are also much heavier. ... Sedona Ripsaw R/T. Find the Sedona Front Rip-Saw R/T 26x9R-12 Tire - RS269R12 at Dennis Kirk. 1 Min. From the mud to the rocks, the Sedona Rip-Saw M/T has got you covered. $130.00. Sedona Rip-Saw R/T The Sedona Rip-Saw R/T tire is an extreme terrain radial tire designed to offer maximum traction and long lasting wear in all kinds of extreme terrain. Checkout Maxxis MU10 Bighorn 2.0 rear tire on sale to get a grip on even the toughest trails. Front and rear specific Radial construction provides a plush feel and a large contact patch for the ultimate ride The Bighorn 3.0 features a 6-ply rated radial construction with maneuverability and durability. Komplettrad Reifen Maxxis Bighorn + Vader 14'' Flat Black Wheel. A slimmed-down version of the Bighorn tire you know and love, the Bighorn 2.0 has lots to offer in a … We wrapped the new Maxxis rubbers around four of STI’s HD2 wheels, which retail for around $90 a piece. Reason for being: An affordable all-terrain tire with aggressive tread design and integrated side lugs to grip in extreme riding conditions. FREE Shipping. - M301/302 - Version avant et arrière - Construction radiale procurant une sensation de douceur … 1 Min. Komplettrad Reifen Maxxis Bighorn + Felge Reblr 14'' Flat Black Beadlock. Another tire question on stock tires vs sedona mud rebels. The first number is the height, the second number is the width & the third number is the diameter of rim that it will fit on. This tire has a radial construction like most stock treads and is six-ply rated. Sedona Bazooka Rear Tire Whether you have a Polaris Ranger RZR, a Can-Am Commander, Kawasaki Teryx or anything in between, this offroad tire will get you where others will slip behind. 26x11r-14 sedona rip saw radial tires (set of 2) atv utv 26x11x14 26-11-14 $289.76 $ 289 . Great all around tire and have been for years . All around, I am very pleased with them over stock. Sedona RipSaw 26" ATV Tire Package. These are steep prices per tire, but we have found discounted prices on the web at and at local shops. Just got these installed last week, theyre Maxxis Bighorn 2.0s in 23x8-12. With the introduction of the new Vipr, Maxxis has you covered there too. แฮปปี้ ทุกเส้นทางเมื่อท่านเดินทางกับ HAPPY TEAM Wholesale รุ่นใหม่ไฟแรง มี Sub Agent ที่ขายโปรแกรมทัวร์เรา ทั่วประเทศ กว่า 1,000 บริษัทฯ เลขทะเบียนท่องเที่ยว: 11/4286 Looking for the original Maxxis Bighorn? One of the first things you will notice, is the Bighorns are HUGE! 2017 Maxxis Tire Chart. The Sedona Rock-A-Billy radial tire has been proven as a... $169.95 - $234.95. Sedona Tires and Wheels Buck Snort Tire Front/Rear Tire $123.00 . Sedona Rock-A-Billy. 1 Min. The ATV tires within this category are all available in the selected size; 27x9-12. Sedona Hollow Point Wheels $122.32 . 26x9R14 - 26x11R14. $170.00. Snyder Powersports measure the lugs at 24/32″ = 3/4″ = 0.75″ 2016 Maxxis Catalog stated the lug depth was 23/32″ Maxxis Coronado 26x9R12 – 8 ply – 25/32″ lug 26x11R12 – 8 ply – 25/32″ lug 26x9R14 – 8 ply – 25/32″ lug 26x11R14 – 8 ply – 25/32″ lug 27x9R14 – 8 ply – 25/32″ lug [B]Tire Size Tread Depth Weight[/B] Carlisle AT489* 25x8x12 16/32 14.1 Carlisle AT489** 25x10x12 16/32 18.7 GBC Dirt Commander 25x8x12 28/32 18 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 25x8x12 23/32 18.4 Maxxis Bighorn 25x8x12 28/32 23.6 PitBull Growler 25.5x8x12 32/32 25.2 Sedona Rip Saw 25x8x12 36/32 26.9 ITP Bajacross 25x8x12 24/32 24.4 Ply Rating: 8 GBC Dirt Commander 25x10x12 28/32 20 Maxxis Bighorn … *1 1/8' deep aggressive tread pattern that cleans out well in mud and offers great traction in all types of extreme terrain. In this shot on the right, you are seeing a 26" Bighorn vs. 26" Polaris PXT. Both ITP Mud Lite XTR vs Maxxis Bighorn are great tires, then there is no doubt if they might be the best all around tires on the market currently. Rip Saw RT. Also, inflation didn't change the shape or the height on mine. Many high-performance UTVs come with the Maxxis Bighorn, which is built for hardpack, rocks, desert, sand and intermediate-to-soft terrain, or the Bighorn 2.0, which isn’t meant for rocky desert terrain. Sedona Split Six Beadlock Wheels $126.94 . I really like the look of the tire EFX MotoMTC Tire ... For whatever reason, the Sedona Rip Saws have been pretty much invincable to any kind of thorn or cactus here, and rarely go flat from a puncture. For our first look at this product, we mounted up a set of 27x14s on a new Yamaha Rhino. With half of the states allowing street-licensing of OHVs, many tire manufacturers offer DOT-approved hard-pack tires for street legality. Maxxis Tires - Powersports TM00911100 - Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 MU09/MU10 Tires Tires, Bighorn 2.0 MU09/MU10, 27x9.00-14, Radial, Blackwall, 6-ply … 76 6 Ply Radial (2) 25 X 8 R-12 RIP-SAW RADIAL ATV TIRES SEDONA 25x8x12 25x8R12 2 ... SEDONA ROCK-A-BILLY. The numbers 27-9-12 represent the dimensions of the tire. Set of front and back Maxxis Bighorn tires off my RZR 800. 00. *6 ply radial construction offers stability, a smooth ride and absorbs the impact in extreme trail conditions. Tusk TriloBite. Komplettrad Reifen Maxxis Bighorn + Vader 14'' Luster Wheel. A deep tread pattern cleans out well in mud and offers great tra... $132.95 - $219.95. Reason for being: The lighter-weight, trimmed-up, performance version of the ever-popular Bighorn. I also decided to reduce the weight and purchased ITP C- Series Type 7 Aluminum rims. The Sedona Rip Saw is one of the most popular tread patterns on the market. Buy accordingly! Jump to Latest Follow ... My suggestion for the kind of riding you mentioned are the maxxis bighorn 2.0 radials. The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Radial is the lighter-weight version of the best-selling Bighorn. Sedona Buzz Saw RT Front/Rear Tires $99.83 . 74. FREE Shipping. From 0-30lbs they stayed the same Learn More. 4 Tire package includes 2) 26x9R14 and 2) 26x11R14. It's tread design works very well in both mud and hard packed terrain. Still plenty of meat left on them just upgraded to a different set. MAXXIS BIGHORN 2.0. The Sedona Rip-Saw R/T is an aggressive radial extreme-terrain tire. Back in December (a lousy time for rock crawling), I installed my new Maxxis Bighorns! My 26" RipSaw R/T's are about an inch shorter than the OEM 26" Bighorns on my XP. Only issue is the tire is really heavy, measures small, and ride like a rock. Rip Saw RT. Maxxis Liberty. *Tread pattern wraps onto the sidewall to increase traction in deep-rutted and muddy conditions. The 6-ply rating ensures durability and puncture resistance, no matter what you encounter on the trail. Right now I'm running Sedona Ripsaws 9x26x14 front, 11x26x14 rear, they've held up well with about 6,000 miles on the rear and 1/8 to 1/4" tread left but the LT Bighorns are about 10lbs lighter than my rear tires now and should measure taller when mounted. $170.00. Anyway, I wanted something to replace the crap 25" Carlisle 489's that came on my 2015 900 XP. Komplettrad Reifen Sedona Ripsaw 14'' Tires + Felge Vader 14'' Flatblack Wheel. Looks like a "bighorn" clone and says they are 6ply Radials. 1 Min. Gear up for a legendary ride with premier offroad tires by Maxxis. The Rip-Saw RT is an extreme terrain aggressive radial. The amount of bite they have is crazy though, and yes, they clean out great. Learn More. BFG KM3. It’s aggressive 1 1/8" tread pattern wraps onto the sidewall to increase traction. Sedona Rock-A-Billy Rear Tire $126.83 . The tread depth is 1 1/8 inch and it cleans out well in mud giving you great traction in all types of extreme terrain. Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial Tire (32X10R-14) 4.8 out of 5 stars 16. 1 Min. 1 Min. This tire boasts the non-directional tread that made the Bighorn famous, with radial construction for a smooth ride. However, XTR’s are better for the Mud while the competitor Bighornes are better for rocks. UTILITAIRE- Version légère du légendaire Bighorn- Bande de roulement non directionnelle procurant une adhérence dans tous les types de terrains- Robuste construction à 6 plis pour une durabilité prolongée sur les pistesPneus idéal pour sentier été et hiver..Jantes non incluses. If these don't work out, then I'm bumping up to 14" Rims and 28s. Bighorn MT-762 | Maxxis Tires USA They have a similar tread to the Kanate Mongrels