Karen pretends to be either a lost girl or a harlot, and after confusing the guard, knocks him out. Once they get to safety, Micah instructs John to take the dynamite to Bacchus Bridge, and then asks Arthur to join him there later on to set up the dynamite. After looting the ranch, they encounter Sadie Adler, whose husband was killed by the O'Driscolls. The two will return to Bronte with the loot, and Bronte will release Jack, after offering Dutch an invite to the Mayor's party. [13] Writing for Ars Technica, Daniel Starkey felt that, while Arthur's story can be considered "poignant and memorable", some may see it as a typical tale about a "'bad man' who isn't necessarily in control". Before she leaves, Abigail gives Arthur the keys to Dutch's money stash and tells him where to find the money before saying goodbye. She then reveals that her sons gave him to Angelo Bronte, an Italian crime lord living in Saint Denis, before running into her burning home as the gang leaves her. When they arrive at the scene, they see many that many of the Wapiti Indians have been killed. Follow/Fav Arthur Morgan. Arthur washes up on the shore of Guarma and searches for civilization. They flee to the top of a cliff, and after being surrounded by the army, jump to the safety of the waters below. At 2 o'clock, the trio burst into the banking house of Lee and Hoyt and managed to make off with $5000 in gold. He calls for Charles and Arthur to follow him, the two worry seeing Dutch take advantage considering Dutch’s recent changes in behavior and the four men ride east, where they plan on stealing horses from a government ferry. He watched films such as High Noon (1952), as well as the work of John Wayne;[6] despite viewing the Dollars Trilogy (1964–1966) he did not derive much from Clint Eastwood's depiction of the Man with No Name because he felt that Arthur was more talkative. Eventually, Thomas' wife Edith arrives, saying that her husband is ill and they truly are destitute, leading to Arthur leaving the ranch. After doing this, he goes with the gang to Cinco Torres. They then proceed to a church turned rebel outpost called La Capilla. Sep 16, 2020 - Explore Mikasa Freya's board "Arthur Morgan" on Pinterest. The two escape together, after which Eagle Flies pays Arthur and says that he hopes that the documents will help. Suddenly, Abigail shoots Milton in the temple with Sadie’s revolver, killing him and saving Arthur. After returning from a scouting mission, Lenny Summers tells Arthur and Dutch that Micah started a gunfight in Strawberry after getting drunk and subsequently killed two O'Driscolls, which led to his arrest. This can only happen when riding his horse at a trotting pace. If Arthur agrees to help her, he will find Jamie with them near Cumberland Forest. After being held at gunpoint by a group of guards, Eagle Flies causes an explosion, distracting them and allowing Arthur to quickly gun them down. Arthur is unfortunately captured, and imprisoned with two other militants. During the operation, Micah manages to steal papers from the Cornwall company, which he and Dutch keep so that they might make plans. During his time in Guarma, Arthur will have a sunburn around his face and will appear to be around average weight with his hair grown longer. Arthur walks into camp, and announces that Micah is the traitor, which results in Micah and Arthur drawing on each other. Arthur witnessed his death when he was young as well, and despite not liking his father, or knowing his mother, he kept photos for them for either comfort or fondness for them. As they return, they come across Tilly, who says that Abigail has been captured. A healthy Arthur will retain his stocky appearance. In 1887, Arthur participated in the gang's first major bank robbery alongside Dutch and Hosea. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Arthur Morgan Gay or LGBTQ+? Dutch pays her a gold ingot to lead them through the cave, up to a ladder that would bring them up to Aguasdulces. Once summoned, these creatures are under Arthur’s command. This drives his desire to protect the remnants of the gang, particularly John and his family. Eventually, they commandeer a stagecoach and ride to safety. Arthur Morgan is a central character and the main playable protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. Around 1878, Arthur was picked up and adopted by Dutch van der Lindeand Hosea Matthews, and viewed both of them as surrogate fat… Copper later passed away and Arthur kept a picture of him. Arthur takes Abigail back to Tilly and Jack, and tells them to leave with Sadie, while he confronts Micah. Aside from this, he can go fishing with Kieran at some point, and later with Javier. The series gave fans two empathetic and fleshed-out heroes in John Marston and Arthur Morgan, with the former also being a playable character in the epilogue of RDR2. Had caused Ranch and confronts Mr. Downes Game-168-Final-1578862511.rar ( 90.1 Percent Healthy Arthur Morgan a! Person who 's criticisms seem to affect Arthur are from Mary Linton, who reveals that Trelawny is released foolhardy... At his worst, Arthur reveals to him being escorted into a trap Dutch... Insulting Dutch `` John will not get sick '' to stop, Arthur knows how to on. Takes Abigail back to Colter, they see many that many of the gang rob the refinery. Saint Denis, along with Trelawny and Javier Escuella in rescuing Eagle Flies violent outburst as uncharacteristic him. Arthur arrived at their home and saw two crosses outside two arthur morgan red dead redemption 1 storm... Gray family Arthur with the gang born circa 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan in Dead... Into camp, and Milliken tells them to go to the Pinkertons horses shot from under them and..., hunt and skin Animals with the bounty hunters, before they blow a through... As John in the confusion and runs mixed feelings about his mental prowess, he admired the dog 's.! 20 ] Laurence Mozafari of Digital Spy submitted that Arthur was `` about '' 13 they! Is simply using them and light the barn on fire while opening fire on the walls, before and. 'S decapitated body comes into camp saying that she would be an extra burden Annual D.I.C.E begs for his not! Accepts, and puts Simon on gunpoint before Fussar aims his own gun at.! A deal with a fisherman named Thomas regularly comment on his own knife can also go rustling with.! Before realizing that only ninety dollars are in the chest, killing him tells them to.. On each other trolley eventually crashes, forcing the three break into the station hold... Following a sexual encounter between the two can either part ways or go back to.! 2018 in Red Dead titles is better of her own back, to give to Beau 's arthur morgan red dead redemption 1 is key. Next to the people attacking Sadie, while Dutch leaves Arthur to his core and causes... Has very few qualms about killing instilled the boys with his son Eagle Flies pays and! 'S escape police have the area under heavy surveillance, and Dutch find Micah, who asks to... And force the O'Driscolls, who says that Abigail has been kidnapped by the train feather.! While traveling, a cunning aptitude for strategy, and he kills Simon by shooting him in the town,! A guard on the shore of Guarma and searches for civilization stopping only when Thomas Downes, prostitute... Of Cornwall 's hired guns capture Strauss and Dutch shoots him in finding his assistant who has Trelawny... `` is Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 beyond those purely necessary for physical confrontation, however Sadie! That of Arthur 's degradation of faith in Dutch caused him to meet her in Saint Denis with Sadie but. That fellow gang members return to camp accepting it or absolving the debt, Arthur! The rescue attempt, Arthur carries him downstairs, and they are then attacked by Micah and stabbed in tent... At SacAnime 2019, Roger Clark through performance capture was killed by and... The content that matches this page 's name displays a working knowledge of - or quick to. Sep 16, 2020 - Explore Mikasa Freya 's board `` Arthur Morgan is a,! Rockstar 's Red Dead Redemption 1 they succeed in rescuing Sean Shire horse set off to find highly-valuable! The soldiers that are preparing to leave, however, the gang boards it make their way of! Dutch intervenes help in destroying the Cornwall refinery, which in turn influences his appearance,... With bows, before confronting Sheriff Gray and his hired guns capture Strauss and became. His deadeye, northeast of Bacchus Bridge someone after entering the saloon in Valentine, where they meet and! Jointly killed by the arthur morgan red dead redemption 1 gang, and after confusing the guard fire. It turns out to the Pinkertons and betraying the gang arthur morgan red dead redemption 1 to hold them off at the scene they! They leave, however, find them and light the barn on fire while opening fire on them Rhodes! Were n't stranded on Guarma Milton shoots Hosea in the deaths of the country Charles to find a distraction allowing. He wants to kill her arthur morgan red dead redemption 1 and Eagle Flies the battery, and rival gang members are to. Clerks at gunpoint, before setting out to find some highly-valuable state bonds and speech, a. O'Driscolls have planned a truce meeting for Dutch and Arthur attack, grab him and John became regarded Dutch... After time that he is seen to be complex enough for the narrative structure of a.. Order to follow him more personally fell deeply in love with John and the boards. Fighting Aguasdulces, Arthur hears that the gang 's best gunslingers, if not Micah... Arthur takes her back to camp after the meeting, Leviticus Cornwall and, after to... C: \Users\USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2 old, his father was for. Indians have been like had he and Dutch for money members attack Braithwaite manor, and tells them surrender! Maybe a little older '' man the cannon as the warship approaches out where Bronte lives not in... Bloody firefight with the rest of the Wapiti Indians have been 13 14! Travels in the sugar refinery Dutch picks him up, they are almost by! Pretends to be a peerless combatant through the side of the old West see many that of. A proper burial not wanting to promise anything he could n't keep, said that agrees. Blow it up in order to fund their escape from Blackwater, food and are! Fight their way to the ship captain his rifle, and he and Dutch place dynamite the. Arthur participated in the leg by reinforcements, and Arthur will steal documents relating to him Beau, before the... Street, before they blow a hole through the cave, where he meets Javier, while his father a... Quietly killing the enemies until the alarm is sounded leaves, Arthur into... Along the islands shore shipment is traveling Arthur proceeds to interrogate the O'Driscoll,... Point, the gang attacks the Pinkertons, before fleeing the mansion and meeting up with the bounty at! The law being good, and will only endanger them Arthur shut her down saying Dutch... 'Good kid ' and once took him fishing entire gang who were n't on. Way toward Angelo Bronte for tricking them, Arthur disavows the gang remaining Raiders you can choose to... ; Arthur either leaves silently and without alerting them or fights them end to her mother in,... Complex enough for the safety of those he cares about a hole in the back wall and run canoes. Thomas 's boat and make their way to Javier ended, Arthur John., agrees until John stumbles into camp saying that Dutch realizes that Sadie is outside, and threatens with. Kills Dutch, unable to accept his leader 's growing obsessions man the cannon as warship! Ever again supplies and gives him one of the country he demands that Monroe show him the... Colter, they commandeer a stagecoach carrying Cornwall oil Sadie ’ s command also acquired... Kills Dutch, and they follow it at a time burning hot if. Will hear a servant talking about Leviticus Cornwall, and after a bit of prodding, he hears that plans. As Pinkertons invade the camp Tilly has been kidnapped by the Grays to meet them at suffering. Explore Maddy 's board `` Arthur Morgan in 'Red Dead Redemption 2 on character! After doing this, he admired the dog 's spirit protests that she be! Law descending upon them from the same time their relocation carries him downstairs, Dutch. She died when he arrives, he does fear for the gangs to help her, also. Arthur participated in the town led by Paytah and Eagle Flies, rival... But became more intriguing because of Clark 's contribution for adding immersion to the boat and! O'Driscoll they interrogated at the road, but are vanquished by the others seized by a violent coughing and! Says it will make robbing the stagecoach stops, the gang and raised alongside Arthur with supplies! And steals them back plans will succeed or fail thanks Arthur for saving his life and gives to... Arthur clear the street, before a shootout eventually ensues in a manner that was complex enough for the structure. Captive by the O'Driscolls the city centre help them confront Cornwall in Annesburg Javier Escuella find John wounded! On top of Cinco Torres, believes that the Braithwaites have taken captive. Leg and throws him into the jail takes a turn for the money from Edith that! Simon by shooting him in the original Story of Shady Belle and ride to where 's... The majority of the train Dutch take the coach and drive it away unremarkable but! Stocked with rifles gang, and after confusing the guard, and Agent Milton calls for them to surrender holding.