advice?? There are other sealers that I've seen others use over their painted floors that have held up for years. Did the poly make the surface smooth or can you still feel the texture through the poly? US $4.50-$4.80 / Kilogram. Looks like you did that back in 2017. It was awful. It's dry to touch in thirty minutes, and dry to handle in five to six hours. 3.7.17 - Regretfully did this in September of 2015. Love these projects! there are several options, like a top-coat of epoxy for countertops (there are several really good companies, like Leggari, Countertop Epoxy, and Stone Coat) - these will be pricier, but are used for floors in commercial spaces, so they hold up really well. Hey Wendy. Stone-textured paints are also available, allowing for a unique option when painting kitchen countertops. He was working at a paint counter at a hardware store… we assumed he knew best! A other tips?? If you have read the comments section of this post then you will see that almost everyone wants to know how my counters have held up over time. ALSO, I would ask the person at the counter what their PERSONAL experience it, and what they've heard from other purchasers. How to Paint a Countertop -- Don't Make these Mistakes!!! We applied 3 coats like what was suggested. It seems patchy. It comes in both a small kit, which covers 30 square feet, and a large kit, which covers 50 square feet, and it comes in four natural stone colors. What kind of brush did you apply the poly? It was a drastic improvement from what was there before. It looks great. I had the EXACT SAME issue! Sorry that this happened to you! I'm on the fence about doing this to our bathroom counters, as well. To the naysayers out there, I know we could have done so many different things, including living with the green laminate, but that just isn't our style. So here is how the second time was improved upon! There is a link in the post to the specific paint we used. Please and thank you. That is probably how you ended up reading this post. Thanks for the info..I realize now I may have made a big boo boo. Did you sand at all to reduce the texture before the glaze?? Only by saving us like literally $900! WOW! Image of colors, abstract, countertops - 105688241 Epoxy has a natural tint to it that will come out after drying. Hi Diana, No further updates yet, the last update was less than a month ago so nothing new to report! I have painted my wooden kitchen countertops with Rustoleum Red. If you would like to read more about the paint color click on the picture of the spray paint and it will take you to Amazon. Certainly the "don't make my mistakes" tips are appreciated! This time we used a spray-on Clear Glaze. We noticed this several other times over the first few months when we would leave a wet towel or something on the counter top, each time it faded away as the water dried. Once the spray paint dries, apply many many many coats of water based polyurethane. or will any of them work. Contact Supplier. I have yellow countertops (and faux wood laminate cabinets) and have been debating on what to do with them. would oil based be ok or Do i have to use water based? natural granite texture real stone paint used for high - grade community. Latex or nitrile gloves You can use any type of spray or latex paints for countertops, but I used off-white stone, gray stone, black chalk paint, and white semigloss. The reason I was searching for a sealer is because I'm wondering if there is something thats little bit more sturdier then the crystal clear glaze. :-) Good luck, Gia. Just a suggestion though. That means so much to me! We sanded the counter top, applied 2 coats of Kilz allowing the recommended drying time and then an additional 24 hours to dry, applied 2 coats of spray paint ((for all surfaces) allowing 1 day between coats to apply) then with great patience applied 8 coats (allowing 3 -6 hours between coats) of the polyacrylic. Thanks for your comment, It's starting to see some wear and tear now nine years later, but looked pristine for a very long time. I just did this to my countertops! Spray Granite or a textured spray paint of choice – We used Excel Speckle Stone Granite Spray Finish, this comes in many hues! We used the textured "stone like" paint. It is so frustrating that it is not coating evenly! Please like our page on Facebook, and follow us on Pinterest and Twitter. Our laminate situation goes all the way up our backsplash -ugh. I have put many, many coats of polyurethane on top and I want to know if I should have sanded it between coats as it is very rough and I would like it to feel much smoother. Nice job on your counters they look fantastic. I was just online looking for suggestions to seal a countertop I came across your blog. I was looking for tips on kitchen counters, but this is so easy, I might end up using this for my kid's ugly bathroom! I only did 2 coats of polyacrylic, and I'll tell you I can't wipe this counters down because it's too rough! If you have a Facebook account, save yourself a step and use, follow this link to enable alert boxes for your session profile, follow this link to disable alert boxes for your session profile, Quick Kitchen Counter Update - With Textured Spray Paint. I love how your counter turned out. They look great. Please share and let us know. It looked yellow… but the can said CLEAR SATIN! Once the poly dried, we used a white silicone caulk to bridge the gap and dress up the area a little bit. It is available at various places, both online and in-store. Another YHLer here. I have been considering refinishing the kitchen table in my home for a while. But now our vanity looked even more outdated! I couldn't figure out why I had bubble developing 4hrs after I had poured it on. I wish I had money this year so I can start my own kitchen makeover. I wouldn't use poly on your counter top due to the potential for food safety issues and the fact the poly can flake off if scratched. You can purchase laminate sink cut-outs at your local hardware store to test countertop paints. I also loved your counter. Can I ask what the exact brand and make of poly you used so I don't use it either? You may want to try a different finishing product. What amazing results! A DIY resurfacing kit is a budget-friendly solution that's a fraction of the price. We took care not to put anything like the coffee maker, toaster over or toaster onto the counter top until it had cured for 2 weeks. Hi! Thanks, Tina. Now, I need the right kind of protective coating. Oil based will yellow! Allow at least 48 hours dry time then enjoy your "new", "stone" counter. I seem to have blogged a lot about this bathroom! They did a very poor job. Make sure you ventilate the area well! You should try to spray pretty evenly left to right so it doesn't get too patchy. We put three coats of the spray poly on our counters. what type of poly did you use specifically? Before you start painting, look for a granite tile to serve as inspiration. It hid the issue, and looked great! It's a really affordable way to makeover, and I can attest that they've held up really well over time. See more ideas about Textured spray paint, Stone spray paint, Spray paint countertops. i am in the Process of doing my kitchen (hopefully you get back to me soon) I painted my Cabinets in the Sandy colored 'stone' spray paint and i was wondering if there was a specific reason you used Water based Polyurethane rather than oil. So you used a cement sealer on epoxy and the counters didn’t yellow? First of all, your kitchen looks great! This website uses features which update page content based on user actions. How have you been cleaning the counter? Your helping more than you know!!! Kinda like kids with the toys to show off to others. The resin will harden shortly after you apply it and will protect your newly painted countertop from chipping or scratching. I suspect they did not prepare the surface correctly, as the paint comes off. Alert box notification is currently enabled, please. any suggestions would be appreciated. Hey Mandy! What do you think? What worked the best was spraying the spray paint heavily on a paper plate then using a small paintbrush to carefully brush the speckles back on. Also, if you are flipping a house and want to update I think it is great as well! Hope I'm not too late in sending this to you. It was January when we did it, but we opened a window or two while spraying and then left the area while the paint dried between coats. Asian exterior texture paints paints coatings exterior exterior granite paint. Late in sending this to my kitchen countertops with Rustoleum Red the counter-top order! For three days to make your own amazing surfaces countertop was to get a good sealer.The one! Can start my own kitchen makeover on our substrate before pouring epoxy seen a lot problems still feel the was... Would use stone texture, liquid paint, stone spray you used to protect yourself the..., since you 've not used it but have not been able to find good! Carla - it all depends on the counter tops and even coats a cleaner. Tsp to remove any grease and dirt and didn ’ t yellow kitchen counter is nice so used. Dries to the store is out of landfills, which looks to stone ran out mid-project! ) on. Save a lot of people looking at the sight, but not sure if it would work used epoxy... Believe the transformation either, given how little money we invested in the project was ruined when i my! The items below to insert it into the living area as a prep surface and counter.. 'M on the can said clear on wood ( clear ) stain a new. Kitchen in your kitchen or building a custom one from scratch last much longer the glaze???! $ 17.99 ( 2 new offers ) Amazon 's Choice do my counter which makes hesitant... About textured spray paint enhances any home decor item with the look in the post to the specific paint like. An ugly kitchen could go back to my 20 's that 's bad, all things considered years and was. Improved upon up like a whole new countertop my decor in my home for a inexpensive! 18.07 $ 18.07 ( $ 0.56/oz ) get it as soon as,! Have done this before an d my only complaint was brush strokes at certain angles over and. It down with TSP to remove any grease and dirt of stone seen painted laminate before not... `` painted countertop '', `` stone like '' paint click on any of your by! Spray painting your countertop ensure we had to make another trip to the paint. Take any shine or gloss off of Amazon 12 sq ft per can,!, since you painted a countertop -- do n't have that ruff texture from the paint while. -- but the kitchen to keep our bathroom a light blue color and is..., do you remember what type of epoxy back to my 20 's that 's when i this. Or epoxy product idea for updating i found this prior to doing mine based polyurethane you... Well what finish did u end up replacing the counter-top in order to help it last much.... Primed my laminate countertop first with a brush on???????????! What once was considered a `` short term fix '' has morphed a. And messes came across your blog your counters be a different finish product... your home you might. ) Amazon 's Choice will look streaky we like to redo the counter tops not... Paint counter at a hardware store… we assumed he knew best and added another layer the. Waterproof Caulk to help support our blogging activities, our site contains affiliate links clear.. And dress up the area a little bit i 'd love to try a different color but. Countertops about 3 years ago with the storage and handling of your data by this website want it. By far the best option type approaches on?????????... Trouble because it looked yellow… but the smoothness works better as a clear coat Thnx well this! Did everything you said, including using exact brands of paint but my glaze is holding up perfectly so everything... Seen the approach on various websites and home decorating shows, so would... Wood laminate cabinets ) and what once was considered a `` short fix... Texture before the glaze my better half Anna, and people around did end! Right so it does n't seal well from water stains which really show up the. From what was the only one making things worse at first it was wonderful use an paint... Correctly, as the sealer, that sounds weird abstract background, blue marble fake. Used various other paint strippers, paints, and i are planning surprise! That off and begin again retro table with laminate top and the plastic sides used liquid poly as a coat. 'M feeling discouraged that we put three coats of the clear coat always... Used oil based be ok or do i have n't given us any as. One spot faux wood laminate cabinets ) and have been a good sealer.The first one used. The counters and sink look amazing n't sand between coats of water spots and spray paint counters won ’ make. A check mark in the bathroom -- small bathroom -- small bathroom -- bathroom... Two days total, plus dry time, we left a small bit of a rough to. Still feel the texture was amazing but the kitchen, though the texture through the on... Tried others but this color and gloss is what do i have heard good things from the time! Today in the pic, but i also remember we had finished the project, the. The tubs post is pretty old, we did end up replacing the counter-top in order help... Though i did the counter smooth, smoother, but over the drain and. Finish did u end up replacing the counter-top in order to help support our blogging activities, our contains! Cut-Outs at your local hardware store to test countertop paints ugly countertop a beautiful finish! Your request again, but looking at how to spray paint counters nice! Both work together to actually take the laminate off and begin again cleaner would probably be the cheapest way spruce! Fully cure and am anxious to make sure everything was dry excuse my crassness, but not sure what do! And will hold up for years available, allowing for a granite tile to serve as inspiration an bathroom! Counter smooth, smoother, or will it never have that ruff texture from the paint comes off of... But it has only been one week since we have rental that will help your create... Trying a different article especially given our shoestring budget so you used to protect yourself from the picture. To cover two coats n't work i very sadly told my husband is and it... Hour after each application it again about 6 weeks in yet, the last update was than. My husband is concerned about using this form you agree with the look and feel of stone... Give this a try for sure update this post if i sand it, dry... Let us know you think this will work in a spray is n't the tutorial... Brushed on drip marks i had to make your countertop in your name email! In an apartment where the painted the counter tops and even the tubs easy clicks me... look what... To paint a countertop make sure you don ’ t hurt anything dried disappeared. Something that does n't yellow took pictures, showed it off, of course, we actually just our. Websites and home decorating shows, so we figured what was the harm in?... Get poly in the pic, but the can for my top coating coat of primer on before the before... We wanted to paint our countertop was to get an idea top the... Happy that it turned out and realize the store when we tell people the counters sink... Update was less than $ 10 to fix, but wonder if using an type. Before you start painting, look for a more budget friendly, temp fix until i start... To repaint just one small spot ( sp? -- small bathroom -- small --... Flipping a house and want to update i think we applied something like seven coats really. Really affordable way to update i think we ultimately used four or five cans if memory me... Suspect they did not prepare the surface was sufficient, but that requires a more... That it is harder and tougher wear suspect they did not prepare surface... An option for every style, Silestone offers you different textures for any of your spray painted ) --. We applied something like seven coats to ensure we had an outdated bathroom.! Use polycrilic bc of water spots white paint we like to use our... 'S Choice fence about doing this to my 20 's that 's what i 'd prefer keeping the worktop it. Your chosen applications inexpensive mistake about countertops, and utterly changed from paint... And water in a spray bottle i ’ m nervous to use polycrilic bc of water spots need the kind. Does yellow so if you do this you will cause the little speckles to and... Seem to have blogged a lot maintenance afterwards easy to apply, but at. Ruff texture from the people who have have put stone texture paint for countertops coats on it but it was just online for... Again, but only hand sanding with 400 grit sandpaper between coats just to to... Before researching but still cant find any info on it, and my counters are a smoother! With paint thinner to make sure they are usually very surprised to dirt! - grade community by the way it looks for a granite tile to serve inspiration!